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What to Expect When Moving Abroad

It always helps to be informed and know what to expect next! When moving with Stevens International, you can count on us to communicate and guide you every step of the way, which is why we put together a reference guide on What To Expect When Moving Abroad.

A typical international move goes as follows:

  1. The customer contacts Stevens International
  2. A Stevens International moving specialist:
    • Helps to determine the customer’s needs
    • Explains all international moving and relocation services available, such as packing, moving, forwarding, shipping, storage and insurance
    • Outlines the Stevens International duties and the customer’s responsibilities for before, during and after a relocation
    • Provides an accurate estimate
    • Plans all logistics of the move
    • Negotiates the best rates
    • Supervises the carriers and agents utilized, and monitors each phase of the relocation
    • Makes sure all documentation is completed and submitted accurately and on time
    • Remains responsible for servicing the shipment according to the instructions of the shipping consultant or the overseas agent
    • Dispatches the appropriate material, labor and equipment
  3. Expert international household goods movers:
    • Wrap and pack goods that are to be shipped

Stevens International Household Goods Movers:

  • Are experienced in international forwarding and the relocation industry
  • Have multilingual capabilities
  • Are familiar with customs regulations and other important information and can assist with the handling and processing of documents
  • Provide single-service control
  • Provide pre-move and ongoing counseling
  • Can assist with destination country and customs information
  • Provide continuous communication and service monitoring
  • Follow clearly defined preparation and handling procedures
  • Utilize comprehensive, expedited and fair claims settlement practices

We have an abundance of resources and tips that are available to you, including moving checklists, customs information, an interactive international moving brochure and a self-service moving inventory, which is sure to make your international household relocation smooth and stress-free.

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