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Any type of move can be very stressful, but an international move is even more arduous. With Stevens International Forwarding, moving abroad can be made easy, we can:

  • Help you make a plan
  • Determine your needs
  • Provide guidance

We’re trusted international forwarders, with:

  • Customs Knowledge
  • Packing Services
  • License and Insurance

Stevens International Forwarding is your preferred international moving service. Give us a call at (260) 244-7004.

How To Move Abroad

As an international moving company, we know what people go through when preparing to move abroad, which tends to be more stressful than a domestic move. Moving overseas is a long and arduous process that requires close attention to detail. Taking the necessary time and care to understand every aspect of your international relocating process is critical to your overall success.

That is why we can provide you with the basics of international moving to help you prepare for your move to another country. Our experts are knowledgeable and can assist you through the ins and outs of packing, moving and getting settled in your new home.

I Want to Move Abroad. Where Do I Start?

When preparing to move abroad, a lot of first-timers don’t know where to begin. Take a look at our international moving resources to prepare yourself for a move to a new country. With the guidance and knowledge from Stevens International Forwarding, you can become an expert in overseas relocation.

  • Customs Information: Stevens International Forwarding offers customs information for hundreds of countries around the world. Reviewing customs details for your destination country will better prepare you for international relocation.
  • International Packing: Get international packing help from the experts at Stevens International Forwarding. Our trained professionals have the best methods and procedures for packing your items to help make sure nothing is damaged during shipment.

Be sure to do your research on the country you’re moving to as well! You don’t want to have a culture shock once you arrive at your new destination. Let Stevens International Forwarding relocation consultants be your guide on what to expect when relocating overseas.

Items To Consider When Moving Abroad

A lot must be taken into consideration before you move abroad, including where you’re moving to, what you’re taking with you, and what international moving company to use. Stevens International Forwarding not only can offer you exceptional international moving services but is also dedicated to helping you prepare for international relocation.

Moving for work? You should talk with your employer about common corporate relocation assistance such as:

  • Reimbursement packages
  • Lump-sum packages
  • Work visas or permits

Stevens International Forwarding is an expert in managing corporate relocation for employees, so you can rely on us to help you stay within your employer’s set budget and get you moved to your new home overseas smoothly.

When relocating abroad with your family, you must make sure everything is in order. This includes tracking down any essential documents, making full travel arrangements and coordinating schedules. Be sure to:

  • Set a budget early
  • Find housing
  • Arrange travel and shipping

Before leaving your home country, you’ll also need to meet with an immigration office to obtain visas for yourself and any family members that will be making the journey with you. Visas are essential for living in foreign countries. If you plan on staying long-term, you may want to seek a route to becoming a citizen to ease the process of living in that country.

Tell Your Friends And Family

You’ll need to tell friends and other loved ones that you’re planning to move abroad. Their reactions may be mixed, with some being nervous and others excited. Tell them early on in your moving process, so they can give you help.

Whether they’re shocked, worried or happy for you, telling them with plenty of advance warning gives them time to make a plan to say goodbye, help you pack or arrange a visit to your new home. They may even know someone who lives or works in your destination country and can connect you with a job prospect.

Our Process To Help You Move Abroad

With Stevens International Forwarding, you can count on us to be your guide every step of the way with your move abroad. After a customer contacts us to start their moving process, our moving specialist will walk you through the process of moving internationally including:

  • Our available services, such as packing, moving, forwarding, storage, shipping, and insurance
  • What you need
  • Negotiating the best price

Our goal is to give you the best experience when relocating overseas. We can even help by providing an international moving checklist so you know exactly when to start preparing for your move and what to expect when you move abroad. Let us take care of the logistics, packing and moving so, you can show up at your new home with all your items there safe and sound.

Stevens Forwarding Professional Moving Resources

The Stevens International Forwarding team is experienced in helping customers move abroad. We take care of the heavy lifting, paperwork and customs, so you have one team to communicate with during your move. Our team can:

  • Navigate customs regulations
  • Wrap and pack goods for shipment
  • Provide communication and service monitoring
  • Assist with the pre-move and ongoing move counseling

To get more international moving resources, contact Stevens International Forwarding today at (260) 244-7004 to speak with a friendly relocation consultant to receive a free moving quote. For all of your expert advice when moving overseas, Stevens International Forwarding can help you!

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