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International Moving Services

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Move your household goods overseas with ease!

Maybe your job is requiring you to move? Maybe you are attending school outside of the United States? Maybe you are just looking to get some worldly experience?

Whether you plan on living overseas for a short or long time, international moving is a big task that requires the assistance of a professional international moving company. Whether by sea or air, Stevens International Forwarding can assist you in your personal household international relocation.

Stevens International Forwarding has been a trusted international household moving company for more than 100 years. With that amount of moving experience comes the knowledge for effectively planning, coordinating and executing your international move.

We help you along every step of the way. Our international move managers are professionally trained to handle your possessions with the utmost care. Our moving representatives can help you manage the entire move as well. With our friendly staff, you will have all the guidance you need to relocate overseas.

Stevens Forwarding has over 900 worldwide agents who represent us. This means, you too will benefit from having access to our wide range of global agents.

International Household Movers

As a full-service international moving company, Stevens International Forwarding offers world-class services to help with every aspect of your international move. Below are just a few of the ways Stevens International Forwarding goes the extra mile in ensuring you a successful international relocation. Our international moving services include:

  • International Move Planning: If you are new to planning a move or need help taking the necessary steps for an international move, Stevens Forwarding can help. Our professional movers can help you coordinate every aspect of your international location. From initial moving quotes to shipping your household goods overseas, Stevens has you covered.
  • International Housing Assistance: Stevens Forwarding can help you find a permanent home within your new country. We also can provide you with suggestions and listings for temporary housing if you have not locked down the deal on your permanent home just yet.
  • Professional Packing Services: Our moving staff has been professionally trained for handling and packing household goods for shipping. With our professional touch, we can ensure you no damage will occur during transportation. So, if you don’t have the time to pack yourself or just prefer a professional’s touch choose Stevens packing services.
  • Household Goods Shipping Services: Stevens Forwarding provides shipping options for all your household goods. Everything will arrive on time! You will also have the ability to track your shipment so you will always know the status of possessions.

Professional International Move Manager

At Stevens Forwarding, we are dedicated to helping our customers in any way possible. Below are just a few of some effective international moving tips you should follow in order to help you have a successful move:

  • Obtain Visas: All countries require a visa for you to able to live in their country. Meet with an immigration office to ensure you are taking the proper steps for receiving visas for not only you but any family members that will be relocating with you. Make sure to note any deadlines for applications. If you plan on staying for the long-term, it is recommended that you seek the procedure for becoming a citizen of that country.
  • Get Your Finances in Order: Finances play a major factor in just about any move. When you move internationally, you should take the time to understand all financial factors that can play a role at your new destination, such as the cost of living and tax laws. Open an international bank account as a safety net just in case something was to happen to your account that resides in the United States.
  • Have a Health Checkup: Schedule a visit with your doctor before moving to another country. Not only should you see if you’re healthy enough for moving but to get any vaccinations that you may need for living in your new country.

Take the time to review how to move abroad in order to help you prepare for your international move.

International Moving Costs

When it comes to moving overseas, you need a moving company that specializes in international relocation, at competitive prices.

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At Stevens International Forwarding, we combine exceptional customer service with the commitment to detail that is necessary to make any international household goods move successful. Along with affordable international moving services, Stevens International Forwarding can provide you with a free international moving quote.

We believe in full-transparency with our customers which is why our moving quotes will accurately reflect the costs of your move. Our international moving consultants are committed to understanding and preparing a moving plan that fits your moving requirements all while within your budget. We can even help you manage your move all along the way. You tell us your price range and needs, and we will do the rest!

Contact Stevens Forwarding today at (260) 244-7004 to speak with one of our international moving representatives. To begin your next international, move today, fill out our online form and receive a free international moving quote. Global moving just got easier with Stevens Forwarding.

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