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Corporate Relocation

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At Stevens International Forwarding, we strive to help you develop a domestic or international corporate relocation package unique to each employee’s specific needs. No matter your destination, a relocation should be easy and stress-free.

We have assisted businesses of every shape and size with complete move management services including, policy consulting and account management, and group and singular move management.

Let Stevens International Forwarding help you design a corporate relocation package that’s both competitive and cost-effective.

Corporate Relocation Services

Since 1905, Stevens International Forwarding has been helping employees across various industries relocate anywhere in the world. This means that we have a century’s-worth of understanding that not all companies work with a one-size-fits-all approach.

We offer a variety of services such as:

  • Policy & Account Consultation
    • Stevens International Forwarding ensures that every client interaction receives the same attention to detail during the policy review and development phase of your employee relocation.
  • Group Move Management
    • An entire company move means that this relocation must be handled successfully to avoid any negative impacts on your business. For over 100 years, Stevens’ move experts cater to the needs of your company through full-service moving and destination and developing a plan, budget and timeline that fits your needs.
  • Individual Move Management
    • Your employees, whether singularly or as a group, have access to their assigned move counselor 24/7. This is someone who can inform and support them in making decisions to deliver the best results. Our highly trained and experienced move counselors will be the main point-of-contact for any questions your employee may have.

Corporate Relocation FAQs

  1. What is corporate relocation?
    1. A corporate relocation involves a process where an employer pays their employee to relocate for business purposes such as filling internal positions either through promotion or transfer or to recruit talent outside of the company.
  2. What are the challenges of an international relocation compared to a domestic relocation?
    1. International relocation tends to be more expensive compared to domestic. Aside from the distance and communication barriers, other challenges include:
      1. Successful navigation of vistas, customs and tax implications.
      2. Required to be more hands-on to answer questions anytime.
      3. Difficulty transitioning and adapting to a new country.
  3. What are some typical corporate relocation benefits?
    1. Some corporate relocation packages may vary so be sure to ask your corporate relocation move counselor during your consultation. Some typical benefits include:
      1. Household goods shipment.
      2. Short-term or corporate housing.
      3. Help selling your home or apartment.
      4. Transporting employees to and from their destination.
  4. What are some typical corporate relocation costs?
    1. Generally, relocation expenses include coverage for whichever services you’ve designated with your corporate relocator. Depending on your employer’s relocation policy, you may also pay a shared amount or nothing at all!
  5. Can I track my shipments?
    1. Stevens International Forwarding recognizes the value of your belongings. With our online tracking shipment feature, you can check the current status of your shipment(s) anytime 24/7.

Get a Corporate Relocation Quote Today!

Stevens International Forwarding is devoted to keeping your corporate relocation affordable, simple and stress-free. We help hardworking families and members of our government and military relocate safely anywhere in the world.

Contact our corporate relocation experts today at (260) 244-7004 or fill out our quote form to get your move started today!

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