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Air Freight Forwarding Services

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Looking for international shipping services? At Stevens International Forwarding, air freight is just one way we help people like you prepare, manage and successfully complete an international move. Our other freight services for an overseas move include:

  • Ocean Freight
  • Ground Freight
  • Cargo Insurance & Valuation Information
  • Custom Crating Options

Stevens International is a recognized leader in the international transportation industry with the following added-value services to make your freight move as stress-free as possible:

  • Priority Air Transport
  • Oversized & Heavy Cargo Handling
  • Global Transport & Special Deliveries
  • Door-to-Airport Delivery
  • Access to over 900 International Moving Partners Globally
  • Warehousing, Distribution, Fulfillment, Cross-border e-Commerce & Delivery Services

When you choose to move with an international forwarded with over 100 years of experience, you’re choosing a professional and quality international mover who has your back from beginning to end. Book our freight services today by giving us a call at (260) 244-7004!

When you need international shipping services, you’ll want to rely on an air freight forwarding company with more than 100 years of experience in the international moving industry. At Stevens International Forwarding, we prepare and manage the air freight forwarding process for all types of global organizations, both large and small. No matter your freight forwarding services, we’re here to help!

What Is Air Freight Forwarding?

To start, a freight forwarder is simply an individual or organization that exports and imports cargo from an origin point to its destination anywhere in the world. With that said, an air freight forwarder utilizes this same method by using different modes of transport such as aircraft cargo carriers.

Freight forwarders provide assistance in a supportive capacity to ensure every facet of your shipment is simplified. Additionally, they may act as a point of communication between you and any other moving parts during the air freight forwarding process.

It’s not as simple as placing your goods on a plane and sending it off. Exporting and importing goods across borders requires deep knowledge and understanding of international laws, logistics, and paperwork to get things going. This is where we come in.

Why Use Stevens International Forwarding for Air Freight?

For over 100 years, an air freight forwarder like Stevens International Forwarding has been specializing in moving freight by air or other means of transportation on behalf of our clients. This specialization enables us to better understand the intricacies of air freight, create and maintain a relationship with the TSA, and, in many cases, provide better air rates.

Freight forwarding companies are often associated by many other names, such as: forwarding agents, non-vessel operating common carriers (NVOCC) or just forwarders. In any event, we’re all here for you and the arrangement of your cargo transportation.

Freight Transportation Types List

Stevens International Forwarding isn’t limited by one type of freight service. In fact, we have plenty of other services available right at your fingertips. Take a look below at a sample of freight services we have to offer:

  • Ocean freight forwarding
  • Ground freight forwarding
  • Cargo insurance
  • Custom crating

And more!

International Freight Forward Quote

As with any move, your quote will be dependent on the services you require. We’re always happy assist you in any capacity when comes to moving precious cargo. As you reach out to one of our expert relocation coordinators, we can price out your shipping needs based on your answers to the following questions:

  • How many goods are you looking to transport?
  • Do you have multiple shipments?
  • Is your cargo secure or loose?
  • What type of packaging materials do you require?
  • How much packaging will you use?
  • How much does the cargo or packaging weigh?
  • Do you know the dimensions of the shipment you’re moving?
  • What is the estimated value of your goods?
  • Does this shipment require pickup?
  • Will you need insurance to cover the shipment?

What Does Stevens International Forwarding Offer?

We want to offer you a wide range of services customized to your needs. Oftentimes these will include:

  • Priority air transport.
  • Handling out sized and heavy cargo.
  • Global transport and special deliveries.
  • Door-to-airport delivery.
  • Access to over 900 international moving partners globally.
  • Cargo insurance arrangements.
  • Warehousing, distribution, fulfillment, cross-border e-commerce and delivery services.
  • Access to ground and ocean freight services as you require.

Contact An International Freight Forwarder Like Stevens International Forwarding

When you choose to work with an air freight forwarder like Stevens International Forwarding, we are able to provide you with over 100 years of expertise and in-depth knowledge of all things freight. If you’re ready to relocate, why not fill out our estimate form to help get you started?

For more information about freight forwarding services, contact Stevens International Forwarding by calling us at: (260) 244-7004

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